Coworking Space

It would be great if you could set everything live and then just let it do its thing, right? That's where we come in! We work with you to ensure everything is exactly how you want, and then manage it from there on a monthly basis so you can focus on the finer details of your business. 

Website Management

Managing your website, ensuring all design and SEO/tracking integration is up to date This also includes updating the website with new information and additional pages as and when

you see fit.

Organic Advertising


When planning organic non-paid content, you need to ensure what you are posting is engaging to your desired audience, without breaking the bank! With this service, we take care of everything to do with your organic advertising, with monthly reports and of course we will never post anything without your pre-approval first!

The Full Package

Looking for monthly management of all our monthly packages listed above? Then opt for The Full Package! Offering the management of your website, social media, reporting, analytics and advertising - we really can provide you with everything!

Social Media Management

It's important to ensure you're up to date on social media and consistently posting. You really don't want to update all your social media and then forget about it, wouldn't be that effective, right? We take all the stress of your social media channels out of the equation. We will always be a call, email or text away if you have any additional ideas or concerns - and don't worry, we won't post anything without approval from you first.

Performance Report 

It's great having a strategic plan in place, but not so much if you get one report and then forget about it, right? With this service, we provide monthly reports on your marketing and analytics so you can understand where you may need to improve or what is the most successful part of your strategy. With this service, we can monitor and provide detailed end-of-month reports on your analytics, with a plan for the next month for us to put in place.

Paid Advertising


Once set up, you'll need to monitor and understand exactly where your money is going in regards to paid advertising - and what's working! 

With our help, we lay out a specific budget and outline your expectations and aims. From then, leave it with us! We will manage all your paid advertising so you can focus on other parts of your business. - and don't worry, we won't post anything without approval from you first!

Mix & Match

Interested in multiple services we have to offer below but don't want to pay out for the individual prices? Perhaps you want to rebrand your logo and are looking for a new marketing strategy but already have your social media in place? Don't worry - mix & match!

We will be able to put together a package unique to you so you can enjoy our services and not worry about the price.

Please get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page with what you'd like to mix & match and we'll happily send over a quote!


My overall experience with White Rose Marketing was phenomenal. The team went above and beyond to make my dreams become a reality! They kept me updated everyday with all  design work and ideas for my invitations which made the whole process so stress free. Thank you again :)


Beth Lionnel

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