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Guiding customers digitally and ensuring a positive digital footprint

You’ll definitely want a presence on social media that conveys your character as much as what your services or products offer, ensuring your customers find exactly what they're looking for so they leave with a positive impression on your company. With the help of our digital agency, we can make sure that every visitor to your website and social media platforms leave with the information they want, leading their interest to a sale.

From implementing organic and paid ads on social media, to creating and setting up a fully function website - we can ensure that you are receiving qualified leads


What we do

As a one-stop destination, we use our strengths to help you with a stress-free digital presence. Know what you want to say but unsure how to market it? Looking to start-up your social media, or rebrand? 

We're here to help!

We cover the creation and development of

  • Your Website

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Branding

  • Email Marketing

What we don't do

We don't disappear


We make sure you are 100% satisfied and assist you every single step of your journey. Building or rebranding a business can be difficult and sometimes scary. We want to make sure you are never overwhelmed and are constantly updated on everything that is being done.


We provide after care


There's nothing worse than being all set up and then something goes wrong. Perhaps you're unsure on how to exactly navigate around your brand new website, or you're unsure on the business tools that social media provides or even the way in which paid ads work. We guarantee that we will never leave you in the dark before, during and after your project.

Digital Services

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent - and that's why you can find our prices below!

Website Development

All of our web development projects begin with a discussion to explore the core values behind the markets you target and your business aims. This service includes the implementation of SEO on your existing site, as well as integrating a customer journey tracking system and also ensuring your site is 100% compatible for all devices - we're here to help with a stress-free transition.

For full creation and design, please see our Website Design option.

For monthly management, please see our packages page.



When it comes to your visual identity, focusing on the bigger picture and then refining the smaller details is the perfect way to ensure large results. Brands that convey continuity across all platforms leave a positive impression with audiences. We begin by discussing with you your core values and the vision you have in mind. We then design, create and provide a downloadable media pack unique to your business.

Social Media


Social media is rapidly advancing and it is extremely important to ensure you are present and active on all platforms. We can take care of everything from simply setting it up and handing it over to you, to monitoring it and developing your social media to suit your growing audience. This service includes the development and design of up to 4 social media channels.

For monthly management, please see our packages page.



With social media and search engines being the go-to for many, it is important that you are advertising and utilising these tools as much as you can. With our guidance, advice and (if you want) hands-on approach, we can ensure you are receiving qualified leads. We set-up unique audiences and create a strategy going forward with a final report.

For monthly management, please see our packages page.

Email Marketing

We design and create a template that fits with your branding and your company. We can set up a few email campaign templates for you to use for any promotion emails, newsletters or information packs you wish to send out to your client database.



Not sure if you entirely want to focus on paid advertising for the moment? Or you're just wanting to explore the different avenues of organic advertising? We can advise you on the best approach to implement a fantastic social media strategy to ensure you are growing your audience without shrinking your wallet. We begin by creating an in-depth strategy and providing full reports at the end of advertisements.

For monthly management, please see our packages page.

The Full Digital package

Looking to get started with everything we have listed here? Then opt for the Full Digital Package to get you started! The full package provides exactly what it says - website development & design, brand identity, social media development and organic & paid advertising.



All of our web development projects begin with a discussion with you to explore the core values behind the markets you target and your aims. This is the full website package and includes everything from the Website Development service as well as the design and development. From the initial idea, to the design, and future development - we can help with everything to ensure you have a fully functional website

For monthly management, please see our packages page.


My overall experience with White Rose Marketing was phenomenal. The team went above and beyond to make my dreams become a reality! They kept me updated everyday with all  design work and ideas for my invitations which made the whole process so stress free. Thank you again :)


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